by Moths

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released August 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Moths Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Albatross
tonight im going out again
putting off albatross
and you are staying home again
all is lost holocaust
the funny thing is nothings right
strobing lights friday night
deep within a submarine
white lab coats know what i mean
with forceps in the frogs
with forceps in their frogs
with forceps in their red veins
leaking green skin sagging
and all i can hear is
you still breathing

eat saguaro to confuse me
all your teeth turn yellow green
wiping ants of dignity
with a rag what a drag
to carry leaves for queens
to carry leaves for queens
to carry leaves for queen's bed pan
leaking her crown shining
and all i can hear is
you still breathing
Track Name: Then Came The Ants
There are holes in the ceiling
to let the rain in
they wash out the feeling
of all the people who come and go
all through the night

the papers on the stove
the words turn to smoke
and all the fruits laid out on the table
and everything is ready
to be painted

but holy water
makes holy ale

i sat down next to a long dead cat and scratched
his cold chin
waiting for us to breath again
those long cool breaths we drew in the fog
but then came the ants

but holy water
makes holy ale
and i drink
to a forgotten tradition
to serve the world and drains
laugh not with me or with them
for we came alone and we'll leave alone
Track Name: The Rat
eek there goes the rat
walking along the cabinet
and swallowing oil
and getting fat
and tracking with his pink legs
the dirt im sure
that sundown comes with your eyes closed
you dreaming of hungry clouds
there are none of those here
just expansive blueish skies
and cold grey street signs
and flickering white lights
for beds to be prepared

but you wont be
naked elvis
in the back of the room
but you wont see
naked elvis
in the back of the room

little mary on the headstone
lying with her lambs her bones
and none of that is english
the sound of a leaf
crunching behind you
when no one is there
its every horror movie
youve ever seen
with you when you sleep
Track Name: Mary
mary who lived to be but only one
sleeps in the grass beneath the setting sun
and every night, moonlight, she bathes
loving her is like rain

i dropped her in a silver river
long before she ever learned to swim
and like a fish she flopped and maybe
i shouldve jumped in
to marys grave

100 years another 100 more
caretakers lost the bolt upon the door
and not a flower shall be laid
on marys grave
Track Name: The Moth
there are moths in the basement
eating there way though the floor
ones drawing the nectar from the back of your neck

theres honey in the lion
bees roar from his stomach
theres laughter like needles in the doll
all sewn shut

there are pins the seat
there are blades in the apple
there are knives ready to cut your hair
there are swords there are fools
there's fear, and there's kings
theyve hitched us up and left us
blind and bound, bouncing in the breeze
Track Name: The Beating
This is the slow walk
pigeons fly out of my feet
i spread seed which they eat
and at night when i sleep its on
cockroaches who carry my blankets
out the window, pink blood skies
glowing kitchens, the fallen candle
the slow walk
the long morning
the hopeful smile
the sagging chin
the scoff, the waved hand
the carried trimmed dogs
no longer craving flesh
the drool is clean
i see a dead pigeon
and a cockroach leg
i kiss the nearest wall
i tongue the whitewash
its time to rejoice
can you sing?

I want pleasure
I want to open the seam
crawl inside and soak in the spine chills
i want to mop the floor of the peep show
i want all the vibrant stars to be holes in the night sky
to a bright burning world behind the black
us on top of everything screaming into the loud ocean
our words blend with the tide
the ocean our blood
our veins salty
these beating waves
driven by the moon
pump loud against the fog

I want to steal a car and drive it through the desert
i want to run out of gas in the middle of the highway and abandon the car
i want to hunt with the wolves and drink from cacti
i want the sun to turn red and paint the sky in symmetry like the aztecs
i want to hold a beating heart in my hand

To be so simple to be so godless
all the plagues coming one by one
when does a body become flesh
when does flesh become the earth
when does it end and where does it start
when does love become a fetish

a belly up fish or fish like thing on the lower planks of the pier
at the very end of the pier where everyone was fishing
it was long dead
i went and sat on the bench and it was the same kind of fish or fish like creature but with a small amount of blood on its right side gills and a heaving chest i thought i was about to watch something die the breaths grew shorter until there was one big gasp then nothing for a while but then it started breathing again so i felt that i should do something i flipped it over with a piece of seaweed i was afraid to touch it because it was a foggy morning and i was drinking coffee and i was feeling rather ~Pensive~ it looked like a cross between a fish and a frog so probably a tadpol it looked at me puffed its gils and opened its huge mouth very wide i tried to push it into the water with the piece of seaweed but it wouldnt move i then grabbed the tail and flung it over the side of the pier i watched it fall and tumble and disappear into the blue green it probably died either from the impact bloodloss prolonged suffocation or was eaten by a bigger fish but how could anyone ever really make a difference in such a big cold world

but there was nothing behind the curtain
except a few wooden bones
i moved behind it and hid
breathing into the fabric until
it was hot and wet
i the spider spun my web
to the ocean to the rain and just right light
and how it caught flies
id wrap them up and sip their blood
choking on the way down
to the shrinking stomach
the lifeless grey clumps bouncing in the breeze
like the oyster
i stayed pink within my shell
sinking in the fine sand drowning inthe music of the waves
but unlike the oyster i had no pearl
was but a quiet clam a projection
i never asked for anything
i just wanted to sleep
dreaming awake
i closed the door and sawd you in half
your legs were still moving
and you waved to the crowd as the tide moved in
three bears, three bears, three bears

wake up
the farmer sleeps as his cattle graze they were his cattle on his land
the farmer slept
the world needs you to finish something
Track Name: Trout
I lay on my bed, shaken by the tortures I had invited in, the dreams forgotten upon waking, the lingering feeling that haunts all day, the moths, in the head and eating their way out, welcomed like the whip, to forget the empty sea, the corrosion of time, an ever dimming circle, like the night after a full moon, like the sun shining behind the smoke of burning trees
the moon, each night, loses a sliver, till she is nothing but an empty starless black, the dustless spot where a book or pot once lay, blanketing all who sleep in her thick warm darkness.